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Isabella Verrocchio - Polyester Square Pillow

Isabella Verrocchio - Polyester Square Pillow

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Indulge in the luxurious comfort of the Isabella Verrocchio Polyester Square Pillow, a masterpiece of home decor that blends artistic design with unparalleled coziness. This exquisite pillow is meticulously crafted from bridal satin, featuring 100% polyester for a soft, silky touch that enhances any resting experience. Its durable, allergy-free material not only ensures a peaceful, undisturbed sleep but also adds a layer of sophistication and style to your interior design.

Adorned with visually appealing designs, the Isabella Verrocchio Pillow transforms any room with its artful presence, making it a focal point of beauty and elegance. Whether it's accentuating your living room sofa, adorning your bed, or adding a touch of comfort to your favorite reading nook, this plush pillow caters to both your aesthetic and comfort needs.


Specifications List

  • Material: Bridal Satin, 100% Polyester
  • Features:
    • Soft, silky touch for maximum comfort
    • Durable and designed to last, ensuring long-term use
    • Hypoallergenic material, perfect for allergy sufferers
    • Easy care, machine washable fabric for convenience
  • Design: Each pillow is adorned with unique, visually appealing designs that make a statement in any room.
  • Use: Ideal for enhancing the comfort and aesthetic of living spaces, bedrooms, or any area that benefits from a touch of elegance.

The Isabella Verrocchio Polyester Square Pillow offers both style and comfort, making it an essential addition to any home looking for a blend of functionality and artful design.

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