Alterations Services

We offer a comprehensive range of alteration services for both men's and women's clothing. Our professional and experienced staff work meticulously to ensure every detail of your garment is altered to your satisfaction.

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Alterations Services

Below you'll find a breakdown of the variety of alteration services we offer. For ease of navigation, our services are divided into several categories, each reflecting a specific type of alteration or garment type.

  1. Shorten and Lengthen

    • Denim Pants Euro Hem
    • Dress Pants
    • Skirts
    • Sleeves
  2. Lining Services

    • Straightening with Lining
    • Changing Lining:
      • Skirts
      • Pants
      • Dresses
      • Coats
      • Suit Jackets/ Blazers
  3. Tighten and Resizing

    • Dresses (sides)
    • Pants (sides, waist in/out)
    • Skirts (sides)
    • Waistbelt Changing
    • Elastic Belt Changing
  4. Leather/Suede/Fur Services

    • Restoration & Repair
    • Changing Zippers
    • Replacing Linings
    • Replacing Pockets
    • Professional Cleaning & Re-dying
  5. Back Adjustments

    • Central Back Seam Tightening:
      • Shirts
      • Dresses
      • Blouses
      • Coats
      • Jackets (with lining)
  6. Prom & Wedding Dress Services

    • Dress with Lace
    • Dress with Beads
    • Back Tightening
    • Side Tightening
    • Dress Strap Shortening
  7. Zipper Change

    • Denim Pants
    • Dress Pants
    • Skirts/Dresses
    • Ski Pants/Suits
    • Down Jackets
    • Leather Jackets
  8. Professional Measurement Services

    • Bridesmaid Outfits
    • Groom Outfits
    • Uniforms
    • Big Size Clothes
    • Traditional Dresses

Professional Alterations for Specific Garments

We have tailored our services to accommodate specific garment types. Below are some of the specific services we offer for Ladies' and Men's clothes.

Ladies' Clothes Alterations

  • Skirt and pant waist adjustments
  • Blouse sleeve alterations
  • Blouse body length alterations
  • Dress length shortening for fancy and vintage dresses
  • Formal and bridesmaid dress resizing
  • Zipper replacements for jeans and jean-leggings
  • Lining replacements for all fashion labels
  • Dress strap shortening for various dress types
  • Leather, suede, and fur alterations with cleaning service

Men's Clothes Alterations

  • Suit alterations of all types
  • Pant waist adjustments
  • Shirt sleeve alterations
  • Shirt body length alterations
  • Zipper replacements for sports jackets, outerwear jackets, and jeans
  • Lining replacements for coats, jackets, and pants
  • Specializing in leather and suede alterations with cleaning service

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. Contact us to book a fitting or for any questions about our services.