Embroidery Services

Do you want to wear clothes with your design on them? Is your company looking for printing or embroidery services in Toronto, Ontario for employee uniforms? Whether it’s for personal use or business, we at Spin Ink can offer Screen Printing & Embroidery to deliver for your clothing needs.


Machine embroidery is a great way to embellish and personalize t-shirts. It’s fun to design plain shirts, but choosing the right embroidery design for t-shirts and jerseys is important. Because t-shirts and jerseys are usually light to medium weight and very stretchy, the design choice is essential.
Look for light designs with lots of open areas and avoid stitch-filled designs and solid shapes. More dense designs and solid shapes will weigh down the fabric and cause it to droop instead of draping nicely. To achieve professional-looking results for thin and stretchy fabric, you must handle it with extra care.

Embroidery Pricing is based on the amount of stitches
to accomplish a "one off" there is a cost to "Digitize" the artwork.
This is a one time cost and can be used to repeat the order in the future.
Embroidery Minimum is $60
4x4 - Digitizing - $40
9x16 - Digitizing - $200

4x4 - Run Charge 1-20 pcs - $15
9x16 - Run Charge 1-20 pcs - $50

Garments are extra.
Planning to place a larger order, does your design not fit into the criteria above? email us orders@spinink.ca with your artwork and details.


Screen printing is an attractive, cost-effective, and high production-rate method of printing designs onto garments. Screen printing often requires skilled artistic modification and then must be photo reproduced onto screens and printed. The screen printing process involves several independent time-consuming steps.
Screen printing is a production method and quickly overtakes digital printing in cost per print as the higher the volume, the lower cost per print becomes. Screen printing also has the advantage of a large selection of different inks that are considerably less expensive per garment than digital print inks.


Contact Us today to set up an appointment with us to discuss your design instructions. Before submitting your art files, please keep in mind our size and format requirements. Once we’ve received your artwork, we will work on the project immediately and deliver the completed custom clothing to you as soon as possible. We are looking forward to positive feedback about our embroidery and apparel printing services.